While Badia Farha (Ms. Sheinkopf), Analisa Leaming (Rosalie), and Lori Eve Marinacci (Patty) are rocking out on Broadway, their pets are at home holding down the fort. Pets of Broadway asked these three rockstars some questions about being pet owners while starring in a hit Broadway musical


Tell us about your pets.

Badia Farha: I have a Betta Fish who belongs to my daughters, Alanna and Creya. They change his name all the time but at the moment, his name is Nemo.

Analisa Leaming: Junebug is a three-year-old Boston terrier, English bulldog mix. She is the most playful, affectionate pup. At the dog park, she is the life of the party. She’s actually deaf. We didn’t know when we got her but she’s actually deaf. A couple weeks after we got her we wondered why she wasn’t responding to her name. Once we realized she couldn’t hear, we hired a specialist to test her and found out that she was born completely deaf. She’s not a rescue, but I feel like we did rescue her because many breeders still euthanize dogs born deaf. She’s so smart and we’ve trained her with hand signals.

Lori Eve Marinacci: Gracie is my adorable nine-pound white and tan Papillon. She is 12 years old. Time flies!


How did your pet(s) come into your life?

Badia Farha: My husband and I have always had pets. After our Rottweiler passed away, we decided to give our daughters fish until they get a bit older and can take care of a dog.

Analisa Leaming: A couple weeks after [my husband] Joseph and I got married, I was hit with the thought, “I want to have a baby!” Thankfully, I knew we weren’t really ready so I figured getting a puppy would be a good step. Boy, was I right! We’ve learned so much raising Junebug together, and she has brought so much love and joy to our lives.

Lori Eve Marinacci: I was living in Vegas doing Hairspray. I already had two cats and a dog and avoided pet stores and shelters at all cost. My sister talked me into going to a pet store one day. I reluctantly went. Gracie was in a cage with a Yorkie screaming in her face. I took her out and she was perfection. I couldn’t leave her there. I don’t advocate for buying from pet stores but I couldn’t leave her there and I’m glad I didn’t.


How did you choose your pet’s name(s)?

Badia Farha: My daughter, Creya, named him Nemo.

Analisa Leaming: This is super cheesy and embarrassing, but, Joseph always called me “Darling” in our puppy love (how apropos) phase and it morphed into “Darling Bug.” One day he left me a voicemail saying if we ever have a daughter we should name her June and call her Junebug. When we got our pooch, I thought it was more suited her for than a human.

Lori Eve Marinacci: I initially named her Farrah, but my boyfriend at the time vetoed that! He picked Gracie, as in “Goodnight Gracie”.


What is the hardest challenge about performing on Broadway and owning a pet?

Analisa Leaming: The schedule is definitely the most challenging part. On two-show days, we often take her to daycare. We also have a great dog walker, but there’s nothing better than coming home to her kisses.

Lori Eve Marinacci: Sometimes it’s hard on a two-show day because I live in Washington Heights. Sometimes I run home and sometimes I hire people to walk and feed and love her.


What is the funniest/most memorable moment you have with your pet?

Badia Farha: The funny thing about Nemo is that I’m the only one who feeds him so when I enter the room, he swims to the rim because he knows he’s about to get fed. Also, I once put a mirror right up to the tank and he got a bit freaked out. He kept swimming toward the mirror than swimming away quickly. He finally got used to it, and I believe he realized he was looking at himself.

Analisa Leaming: June always seems to know when we are meditating. I think she feels the energy because ever since she was a puppy she would always curl up and stay completely still until I finished. She’s a Zen Pooch.


If you could say one thing to your pet(s) that he or she would understand completely, what would you tell him or her?

Badia Farha: One thing I would tell Nemo is, “I got you!”

Analisa Leaming: If I could talk to June and she’d understand me, I would thank her so so much for her unconditional love and incredible, silly personality.

Lori Eve Marinacci: I’d ask Gracie where she is happiest, with me in NYC or in Pittsburgh with my mom. Because I travel a so much, my mom has taken care of her a lot. My mom has another dog and watches my three-year-old nephew, so I wonder if she would be happier there with more people and animals around or living a spoiled and calm life with me. She’s a bit of an anxious dog, so I think she might be happier with just me. Though it is tempting to get another dog! Someday!